Our new single "Inspire Me" is soon available out there! Jippie!
It's Saturday evening and after a soft and quite frankly lazy day we are spending the evening working on our next single from our upcoming album. Our goal is to release this album by the end of this year.

While the Dance With Me-single is out in the stores a flesh and heart-pounding remix of this song will be included on our next single. The title of the single will be "Inspire Me" and is all about finding inspiration and creativity in what you do. Listen to the remix here!

We are also planning to throw some cool parties this autumn where you can listen to us play and some photo sessions for promo footage are also planned this autumn. Follow us on Facebook if you want stay fully up-to-date with our activities this autumn.
//DeeJayBee and AnniMe (aka A&B Creative Duo)
We are happy to announce that you can now get our song Dance With Me on Spotify and other digital stores. Now we have some party planning to do!
Look at this fancy album cover for Dance With Me that AnniMe has done! Ki

We are so proud to present a pre-release of our new song Dance With Me soon to be released!

This song was invented in a hotel room in Huskvarna and a demo recorded in a hotel room in Halmstad. Enjoy the song and Dance!

//DeeJayBee and AnniMe





Our trip in numbers:

1594 kilometers
13 cities (*)
8 hotel rooms
2 countries

2 songs and 4 demo versions

(*) Stockholm - Huskvarna - Varberg - Halmstad - Helsingborg - Helsingør (Den) - Gentofte (Den) - Köpenhamn (Den) - Malmö - Lund - Ystad - Kalmar - Oskarshamn - Norrköping - Stockholm
"Keep on Dancing" is not only an album by the Gentrys from 1956 http://bit.ly/P1AplP, it is also a hit song on the very same record and what you just heard in the video here. When I hear music that I like, be it Tiësto or why not the Gentrys, I just have to dance! I've always felt a need to dance and my tutor once told me to never stop and so it became my motto. 

Now, this video is really something I just stumbled upon, so I still haven't thought about leaving house music to the advantage of golden oldies, Still, I would like to stress the fact that people have danced since the beginning of time and most of us still love to. People - KEEP ON DANCING!

More about the Gentrys on wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Gentrys
This is what we produced in our hotel room in a rainy Halmstad today. Pretty ok demo to be recorded in a hotel room. Can't wait to get to do the final touch on this one. Meanwhile. Enjoy! Dance! (and share if you like it).
Our creative journey continues and we're making progress. DeeJayBee just put together a cool dance melody an AnniMe is writing some (almost as cool) lyrics to it. We're in Halmstad, next to the sea and it's a beautiful gray, cold, rainy and windy summer day. Can't think of a better way to spend it but staying in the room and write a song about dancing.