"Keep on Dancing" is not only an album by the Gentrys from 1956 http://bit.ly/P1AplP, it is also a hit song on the very same record and what you just heard in the video here. When I hear music that I like, be it Tiësto or why not the Gentrys, I just have to dance! I've always felt a need to dance and my tutor once told me to never stop and so it became my motto. 

Now, this video is really something I just stumbled upon, so I still haven't thought about leaving house music to the advantage of golden oldies, Still, I would like to stress the fact that people have danced since the beginning of time and most of us still love to. People - KEEP ON DANCING!

More about the Gentrys on wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Gentrys


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